Protect Our Environment from Toxic eWaste

Prevent the dumping of toxic e-waste on poor and undeveloped countries.

TDR is committed to the responsible recycling of e-waste and other environmentally unfriendly waste products.

In an effort to reduce material into the landfill, TDR recycles or salvages raw materials such as copper and aluminum and other raw material as much as possible and is always looking for new ways to prevent e-waste items from going to landfills.

We support HR 6252, the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act of 2010. This landmark legislation would make it illegal for “recyclers” in the United States to export hazardous electronic waste to developing countries. As much as 50-80% of the e-waste that companies claim they are “recycling” is actually dumped in developing countries like China, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Pakistan and Vietnam, where poor residents pick through the toxic waste for scrap. HR 6252 is desperately needed to finally stem the flow of this toxic waste around the world and to protect our global health.

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California Department of Toxic Substances Control Information website with the DTSC information on electronic waste and the DTSC adopted regulations designating e-wastes as universal wastes.

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