Inventory Management and Electronic Waste Services for all Businesses

van_tdr isuxu TDR offers asset recovery services for surplus equipment being replaced or upgraded. TDR purchases, or sells on consignment a wide assortment a wide range of IT equipment, routers, switches, servers, networking components, desktop systems, laptops and all types of specialized equipment. TDR has an extensive network of buyers for your surplus and unneeded equipment depending on its fair market value and demand. TDR provides reliable asset recovery services to facilitate your needs.

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Clean Out Services

TDR offers clearance services for companies downsizing, relocating, or eliminating storage. We can help organize and categorize items for asset recovery, recycle or trash. TDR can help with office furniture, partitions, filing cabinets, racks, shelving, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and many other items. TDR works with business of all sizes and specialties including, electronics, hardware, software, processing facilities, biotech, healthcare and others. Let TDR help with your next move.



Large and Specialty Item Service

We provide large item service and can palletized your items for you. If you have special handling requirements please call 408-899-6059 and let us know. We work with businesses of all sizes and specialties including electronics hardware, software, processing facilities, biotech, healthcare and others.


Security and Certification

TDR offer destruction services for hard drives or products that need to be destroyed and a certificate of destruction will be issued upon request.

A certificate of recycle can be issued for companies keeping track of material being recycled.

Business Services Request

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