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Recycle TVs, monitors, laptops, computers, home electronics

For Free, since 2007 TDR Electronic Recycling LLC has been collecting e-waste from residential, business and government customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. All collected items are recycled according to government regulations and our own green policy of turning e-waste into resources, or urban mining. TDR has teamed with Ruiz E-Waste Recycling to help manage your e-waste in a way that is economically sustainable and protects the planet.

TDR E-waste Acceptance Policy.

Some of the items we accept: TVs, laptops, monitors, cellphones, networking equipment, cables and more. Please check list of acceptable items if you have question about your item.

List of Acceptable Items

  • We DO NOT accept hazardous household waste, mercury filled thermostats, smoke alarms. Please drop these off at your nearest household hazardous waste center.
  • We accept alkaline batteries and light bulbs for a $4/lb Fee
  • Vacuum and cleaning equipment must be clean and free of debris.
  • Personal hygiene and medical equipment must be sanitized for the protection of our drivers and staff.

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Please use the Pickup Request form
or Text us at 1-408-903-0633

Pickup Policy

TDR offers free pickup for residential and business if you have 5  items, if not we charge $25.00 for a pickup. TDR charges $40.00 to pickup a floor standing copier. TDR also charges to pickup over sized equipment. Please contact the office for more information.

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F      Drop-off Location

Ruiz E-Waste Recycling
234 Eastside Dr.
San Jose, Ca 95127
408 903-0633
M-F: 8AM-4PM
Sat: 8Am-12PM
Sun: Closed
For large quantities or to ask about our clean service

ree El   Our Business Model

TDR and Ruiz Electronic Recycling operates as a urban mining company. It mines discarded e-waste that when collected can be turn it into raw materials of metals and plastics which can made into new electronic products, or can be tested and resold, thereby conserving natural resources and prevention pollution of the environment. It is a green business model  of sustainable economic development, where  the needs of the present are met without compromising future generations’ needs.

Turning e-waste into resource has created jobs in a new industry in the new green economy. The philosophy of a Green Economy is to manage economic development in a way that improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. The success of electronic recycling and other green industries refute perhaps the most widespread assertion that there is an inescapable trade-off between environmental sustainability and economic progress.  TDR and Ruiz Electronic Recycling and green industries around the world demonstrates that the greening of economies does not inhibit opportunities for investment and related growth in wealth and jobs.

The field of electronic recycling has huge growth opportunities, as a only small percentage of e-waste around the world is being recover. The waste majority of is still being illegal dumped.

– Tim Reese, President